Friday, July 28, 2006

Thoughts on a Hot Day

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Think of Water on a Hot Day

No, I'm not as hot as someone in the desert, but I am hot and the humidity is fierce.

Think of something else.

I remember taking a rowboat out, daydreaming, and finding myself tied up in lily pod roots. I recall swimming in Lake Susan in North Carolina and dubbing that the coldest water until I swam at Sand Beach in Acadia National Park.

Once I sat on a drift log and waited for the sun to set and fall into the Pacific Ocean.
I've dragged my toes through the soft mud on the bottom of a pond, avoided a snapping turtle, and listened to frogs court.

Today I went down to Cambridge, drank my cold water, bought a bottle of iced sparkling water and wondered how the people who fall in the cracks—the homeless, the working poor, the mentally ill—survive. I read of the one hundred deaths in California and thought of how those deaths broke down in terms of economics, ethnicity, and age.

Monday, July 10, 2006


Recently a store selling Oriental rugs opened up in our small downtown area. Looking at the rugs and their intricate designs made me think about the intensive labor required to create each rug. That made me think of Medieval tapestries and the painstaking backbreaking work involved in each creation.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Just Thinking

"I think I heard you. I'm incredulous.

Why the witch hunt, the hysteria about gay marriage?

I fully anticipated the New York Court of Appeals to recognize the unconstitutionality of banning gays and lesbians from marriage. Their decision stymied me. Saddened me.

Listen this is an issue of civil rights. "

Have you noticed how metamorphosis happens and something else emerges—a weather beaten tree trunk wiggles itself into a talking animal figure?

Perhaps people allow their fears to create demons. Some day we will look back on this decade of witch hunting and banning and be ashamed. Ashamed of our turning loving couples into objects defined as other.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Natural Design

Art often derives its impetus from the designs inherent in the natural world. I can envision this mushroom, elongated, stretched, taut, puffed. Each line leads to another fascinating space. I do not desire to know if this is spiced with poison or innocuous.

Simply noting how it hangs on the tree, how the rings of color blend with pine needles, how the bark and leaves act in a maternal manner—that's enough.


Whenever I hike I look for the unusual photo—a picture that moves beyond expectations. These two trees share a limb or root—joined.

For a mile I thought of the connections in my life, the "Only Connects".