Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Words of Faith and Hope

Yesterday and today I have read and re-read a number of pieces regarding the shooting at The Tree of Life Synagogue. I listened to a service at a Gay and Lesbian Congregation in New York City. I cried when short paragraphs were read giving dimension to each of the eleven. 

A little while ago I read a long piece written by a rabbi who blogs as SRQ Jew She spoke about three separate occurrences that give her hope. She was in her car when her phone rang and it was a well known Christian minister, Pastor Glenn Bell, asking her what he could do. He broke the news to her.

The Greek Orthodox Church near her home flew the flag at half mast.

And the night of a vigil she received a call from a woman who spoke English with a marked accent. The woman wanted to know if she could bring her three young children to the vigil. She identified herself as a Muslim woman.

By the end of the vigil the Rabbi and the woman connected with a hug.

Rabbi Jennifer Singer ends her blog piece:

 “ Broken places can be healed, and the Tree of Life has deep roots. If we are willing to do the hard work, our words and actions can water those roots, can help the tree flourish once again. On behalf of those whose lives were cut short and with God’s help, we must.” 



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