Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Watching Game 1 of the World Series

Being a fan is heart stopping—worrisome and leads to long nights and short sleeps. Our starting pitcher has thrown too many pitches, relievers are called upon, two men on and no one out— time to panic. Breathe. This is the first game and it is a long series. Why am I worried? 

One out. Perhaps I should concentrate on the state of our union and the possibility of more blue in Congress. Maybe there will be a chance to stop our slide into a country led by a president and government  that lacks compassion, that accepts lies, that is cruel, that has given permission to a swath of society to indulge in hateful language as well as hateful acts. 

Game is tied. Two outs. Three outs. Breathe— in, out,in, out...

Winning isn’t everything. But it is nice to win honestly— today our country has pockets where citizens are losing their right to vote. Racial politics is another character in our political environment— and it is ugly.

We’re ahead by two runs— but a long way to go.


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