Sunday, October 28, 2018

“Tell Me What is New”

I meant to tell you  I spread
red pepper all around the hole
a mole dug.  Burrowing
 animals can’t stand the smell.
The lavender bushes, unruly
and wild looking, still bloom.
I forgot to mention drawing
with charcoal and fixing 
drawings with skim milk. Now I
wonder if insects will arrive to chew
up my sketches. Did I mention
that we cleaned a plugged sink
and cancelled the plumber’s visit?
Perhaps I missed the chance to tell
you of what I’m reading. At this moment
I am reading a mystery, a noir tale.
Then there’s this week’s parshah portion
and the commentaries I read—
 each one told with the writer’s slant.
I, too, hold a view of Abraham
and the binding of his son. 
And I forgot to tell you of my new 
thermos keeping tea hot for six hours.


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