Monday, October 08, 2018

Take a Break

Surrounded by political grandiosity, by falsehoods and Machiavellian machinations , by pundits who predict political trends, by possible future legislative configurations —I  take a walk, buy two new tubes of watercolor paint, read a mystery, and fill my pen with waterproof carbon black ink.

 I took a walk in my neighborhood—past people walking dogs, past pumpkins on stoops, past signs reminding  neighbors to vote against repealing our transgender equality legislation, past signs that remind us that there’s no room for hate in our community. I love the diversity in this town.

Tomorrow I shall paint a still life of two pears—one whole and one halved. Hopefully, I’ll finish my mystery and figure out “who done it” before the last page. 

Then I’ll be ready to read  the paper, listen to the rhetoric. I’ll be ready to join the fray.


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