Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Let’s All Break Bread

Just a follow-up to yesterday’s concern about a disappearing sign. The sign returns to the church front on Friday. Then the leadership group will write guidelines for signs...banners, flags.  I’m pleased with the return.

But I am saddened to realize that this even became an issue that needed resolving.  Perhaps I need to just rest knowing that a group of people recognized that taking a stand for equality is the only moral choice.
I must admit to an edge. Why is it that every group that is outside of what is deemed the “normal”—prevalent group must wait to be included?  Permission. Gay and lesbian people needed to wait outside the door until they were granted permission to marry. 

But I am pleased that the place of worship, this church in an affluent town, has weighed the pros and cons and decided to return a simple sign of support to their front lawn. 
Someday I hope and pray that no one will need to be given permission to sit at the table.


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