Thursday, October 11, 2018


It’s over. The permanent crown is in— cemented down, mine. For the two weeks prior to today I did not chew on that side of my mouth lest the temporary crown become dislodged. I could swallow it or catch it on my tongue or have it lodged between my cheek and tongue. Since this crown was on the top and the last tooth I thought it best to eschew any chances.

So for two weeks I not only avoided the area, but I also stayed away from anything chewy or hard. The instructions warned that leaving the temporary out of your mouth could lead to your teeth shifting. 

Place it, back in your mouth— it can be adhered with Vaseline —until you contact the dentist. I visualized holding this tooth and attempting to fit it in— “It only fits one way.” —to quote the dentist. If I stood up straight there was the possibility of loosing my grip and the tooth slipping. And if I bent over the sink I might have some difficulty finding the exact position for the tooth. 

And then there was the concern of Vaseline— don’t swallow and how much was needed. Of course a preemptive action— the purchase of false teeth adhesive was a possibility which I rejected. 

So I returned to the dentist, stared at the poster of the canyons in the southwest which  replaced a Disney poster when her daughter entered a PhD program in geology. I envisioned myself hiding within the canyon.

Then it was done. I can chew on that side of my mouth again. But I think I’ll give the permanent glue another day to set. Best to be certain.


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