Friday, October 05, 2018

A Frightening Slide

I am, as are so many others, beyond disturbed. Totalitarian governments ignore truth, refuse to examine all the evidence, tear into anyone who disagrees, mock other opinions, and engage in sleight of hand to garner approval. They stir the embers of hate, grant permission for people to engage in offensive rhetoric and actions. 

Everyday the press is attacked. A free press is essential for a democracy. In totalitarian countries there is no free press. News is controlled, sifted , and  written to further the blueprint of the leader.

The demise of democracy doesn’t happen in a vacuum. People initially acquiesce. They become sheep. Angry sheep complicit in the downward trend. 

In our country we have swaths of people who willingly gave up any shred of decency and fair mindedness, who refused to accept that there are any other views save theirs, and they are willing to accept this slide in order to see their views enshrined. 

Today a candidate for our Supreme Court, a man who lied, who was accused of sexual assault, garnered enough initial votes to become the next justice.

 A limited FBI  investigation that ignored a number of people who had important information, that ignored over 1,000 law professors who said his temperament and bias precludes him as a justice, that ignored a retired justice who wrote a critique arguing that the candidate’s bias precludes him as an acceptable justice — 

And why? Because they know he will push their agenda. A sham. A slide. 

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