Wednesday, October 10, 2018

A Character Fault

I admit to a character fault — an easy one to acknowledge and possibly shared by a plethora of other people. When I check out a new art blog, or someone sends me an email with a link to their site, I may be smitten with that article And immediately subscribe. I become a follower.

As a follower I begin to receive email messages—sometimes daily messages. My initial delight wanes and I find myself deleting and deleting. Finally, I open up the email, click to get on the blog, scroll down to the bottom of all the written material, and unsubscribe. Sometimes that doesn’t work necessitating a return to the blog.

When the screen appears asking me why I am unsubscribing I always chose — I don’t want to receive these messages.

As I look at the long list of emails I recognize a pattern. When I thought that I’d cook a new recipe every week I began to collect cooking blogs. Today I read about twelve easy dips, seven salmon recipes, and recipes for a football crowd. The only dips I like are made by others, I did have salmon tonight cooked my usual way, and we like to watch football on mute—until the playoffs.

I keep a list of books gleaned from blogs or the book reviews that arrive each week. My present list will allow me to read a book a day through next year. 

On the positive side— I don’t play games on my phone.


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