Tuesday, September 11, 2018

To Buy or Not to Buy

I know it is fall when I begin to look at updated IPads. But I always stop my search when I worry that the new system is around the corner. If I purchase now will I miss the most important update. This type of thinking does save me money.

But my IPad has developed  a hiccup—every so often it freezes. Just stays in one place and refuses to budge. The only thing I can do is shut everything down and then open it up. This doesn’t happen when I am writing—it happens on social media or when I try and go from one site to another site in the pursuit of some arcane bit of information—or common information.

When I attempt to find out what is in the pipeline at Apple I am directed to rumor mills that often contradict one another. So I’ll wait —perhaps the penultimate IPad is right around the corner. I do have a wish list. 


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