Thursday, September 27, 2018


Because I made a mistake and arrived at the dentist—for a crown—an hour early, I spent the time in my car ( at the library) listening to the senate committee hearings. Three women had accused the nominee for the Supreme Court of sexual inappropriate behavior. So there I sat in my car riveted to the testimony of one of the women. To really listen and hear the anguish thirty years later —as if it happened only yesterday —underscored how this type of trauma remains etched into survivors. 

By the afternoon the accused, the nominee for our Supreme Court, took his seat and presented his version, his denial of attending the specific party, his denial of ever being involved in any sexually inappropriate behavior. He was angry, cried, made himself out to be the victim, and blamed everything on the other political party — the “left”. It was, according to him, a ploy, a plot, to discredit him employed by the other side. I hoped that those senators who are on the fence will think carefully before committing their vote to this man. 

Our country is so divided, so crass at this moment in history. There are those who believe that they have the right to impose their religious views on the country. Those views disrupt the lives of others, cause emotional harm, remove protections for some citizens. Because some people are so focused on abortion they are willing to accept any behavior, any deceit, lies, lying to chip away at the right for a woman to choose. They turn their backs on sexual accusations if the person accused is in a position to further their agenda.That agenda includes erasing any equality for gays and lesbians, transgendered and non binary Americans. 

Faust is alive and well. Too many Americans have bedded down with the devil. 

I still hope that there are senators out there who listened, really listened yesterday. If they even have a single doubt about the veracity of the nominee’s words, if they even had a single moment when they believed the testimony of the accuser then don’t vote to put this man on the Supreme Court. 

More is at stake here then a life time job on the highest court of our country. This may be one of the most significant votes— 

This is not the time to be partisan, not the time to worry about yourself. This is the time to put the brakes on the slide this country has taken into narrowness, mean spiritedness, and cruelty. 


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