Wednesday, September 05, 2018

#BlogElul 2018 Day 25 Bless

           Apprehend God in all things
                  for God is in all things.
           Every creature is a word of God.
                       —— Meister  Eckhart

Offer blessings
for the wind that blows
and bends each blade of grass—
for the sand that sings
beneath bare feet—
for flowers and weeds,
for the swamp that seethes
and conceals, for humming birds
and passion red blooms
Bless each named creature 
even those whose names 
are strange and alien
Bless the mountains
you’ll never climb
and the path you walk 
Bless the people you meet—
strangers and family alike
Bless the food on your table
Bless those who sit at your table
and those who eat alone 
Sprinkle blessings 
throughout the day
At night give thanks
for the gift of words
to offer praise and blessing


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