Saturday, September 01, 2018

#BlogElul 2018. Day 21 End

End is another word with so many possibilities. The end of the line can be literal or it represents          the place you arrive when you’ve run out of options.

When you reach the end of a book it may be satisfying or feel like a deeply flawed place.

In a few weeks I’ll read the last chapter in Deuteronomy and then start over in Genesis. The end often leads to a new beginning. A chance to begin again. 

The seeds of tomorrow are found in endings. 

I think about the day— its beginning and the way it ends. I ask myself how I did. 

Some events in life simply end— there are no embers. No way to stir them to life. 

And there are some seeming ends that you don’t accept. There’s always prayer— that gift to us. 


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