Friday, August 31, 2018

#BlogElul 2018 Day 20 Love

Try and define love and you end up with a series of metaphors or stories— anecdotes and personal tales. Little episodes. 

But love for someone or love of something? Love as a word that’s used loosely or love that is fierce in its attachment.

Such an expansive word. I love frozen yogurt, lobsters, and chips. I love the sound of the ocean when it rolls over the sand— then retreats. I love the line of calligraphy it leaves in the sand. I love the color of canyons. 

I love reading scripture and poetry and well turned phrases. 

Love is family and your sport’s team. Love is the family that has cracks and places that will never fully come together. Love is letting go of what you can’t have and giving thanks for what you do have. 

Love is a belief in something beyond yourself— love is what you strain towards.


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