Sunday, August 06, 2017

The Sabbath

Peace Be With You.
And you
And you

     Yesterday I watched a clip about a drive in church service held in a large open field that once was a drive in theatre --like a tent service without the tent or seats. On your way in you received what looked like a closed Dixie icecream cup and a piece of paper with, I learned later, the words to a hymn and the program.
      Once the cars settled down the minister, whose words were heard over a radio station, exhorted his flock to turn their lives over to the Lord. At some point everyone sang the hymn. Then it was communion time and for those who were new the minister explained how to free the small finger nail size cracker from the container. After that was consumed everyone opened the cup and drank the grape juice.
       Then a man in a golf cart drove around and collected the empty cups. About ten minutes after it began the cars turned around and left.
        I wonder how many of those parishioners find their way to a brick and mortar church or how many are saved.
       And if you want to get out of your car and say hello to other folks you can go to the concession stand and enjoy doughnuts.


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