Thursday, July 13, 2017

Repaired, Redeeemed

     A handmade and attractive metal peacock stands on our front steps. Because we left Flannery—named after Flannery O’Connor who owned real peacocks— out all winter, she developed loose legs. Early in the summer one of her legs hung precariously and all her weight was on the other leg. I attempted to attach the leg with masking tape, then with packaging tape, finally with silver duct tape. Everything worked for a few days and then let go. Then both of Flannery’s legs fell away from her body.
     Affixing the legs to her body required more than our tape. Unfortunately the metal pins that initially held her legs in place were broken. 
     A friend took Flannery to her home where she spent two weeks in recovery. She came home with serious looking upper thigh casts. Now--her legs, positioned a bit closer than in her younger days, hold her body in an upright position. Despite the heavy rain of the past few days she’s secure in her stance. 


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