Wednesday, July 05, 2017


Reading a book review for a book I thought sounded interesting only to discover that every reviewer described the novel as long, drawn out, and mildly dull. Just when I decided that I wouldn’t take it out of the library I  came across these words, “chaotic jeremiad”. 

I love the sound of those two words and the implication of those words. Do people still collect words? They are not trophies, but tools. 

When you look up the past life of jeremiad—which even sounds nice rolling off your tongue— you recognize the connections to the prophet Jeremiah.

  1. a long mournful lamentation or complaint. Word Origin and History for jeremiad. n. 1780, from French jérémiade (1762), in reference to "Lamentations of Jeremiah" in Old Testament.
     Does anyone keep a notebook of found phrases, delectable words, and possibilities for use?


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