Monday, June 05, 2017


This is an experiment, a way to see cohesiveness in randomness. I open books without looking at page numbers or chapter headings and close my eyes. I point to a place on the page, open my eyes, and write down part of a sentence. Does the universe put together these disparate thoughts into a whole?

    Consistency of Themes            

I tell him it's hard to believe
the pious of the nations
The shifting nature of the sand 
must encompass all of reality
I tell him it's hard to believe 
in a bucolic landscape
drawing me forward 
Shivering all at once,
memory halted
no reality independent of God

The books:
The Great Spring by 
Natalie Goldberg

Contemporary Jewish Poetry
Deborah Ager & M.E. Silverman

Available Dark
Elizabeth Hand

Books of the People
Edited by S.W. Halpern

  1. I wrote down the sentences 
  2. I moved them around
  3. Only selected parts from each sentence 
  4. Then played with them
  5. The title also came from one of the books


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