Saturday, June 10, 2017

Eat Your Words

I swore off frozen yogurt more than once a week
and potato chips once or twice a week
but found myself saying again and again
this will be the last week I indulge
I promised to not take on too many challenges
yet I couldn't resist the lure and then spent 
too much time scurrying from one activity
to the next with barely enough time
to finish one before beginning another
I convinced myself to not yearn over the next
book to read before I read the last page 
of the book I held in my hand, but found that
I couldn't resist stockpiling books as if they
would all disappear if they didn't sit on my shelf
I believed that once we spoke the road
to connecting up would proceed slowly
but I didn't really anticipate that it would
sputter as if words were costly commodities


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