Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Years Ago

I found someone on Facebook I taught with years ago when we both wandered through a labyrinth of who we were and what we really wanted to do. It was a time when you said, when I grow up I'll become or I'll discover. I took art courses at a museum school and created silk screen prints on a home made screen in my basement --hung wet prints on a clothes line and didn't worry about fumes from the solvent.

How do you catch someone up on years and years? You just jump right in and say I taught for years and years in the same classroom-- she traveled all over Europe. I stayed in the same place. I traveled to the Southwest time after time. I can share the colors of the canyons and the way an arroyo fills up with turbulent water. 

But maybe we can share changes, how we become who we are right now. 


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