Monday, May 08, 2017

What's Up?

     My newly planted flowers looked cold. In fact everyone I saw today appeared to be dressed for warmer weather. This anticipation of spring and warm days is a yearly rite that disappoints. Some days adhere to the formula, but many drift away to the previous season.
     Anticipation carries the kernel of hope and belief, yet it also may bind one to the future while the present slips into the past. Yet, there's also a delight in savoring what is to come. Often it requires preparation and planning. 
     Yet, this looking ahead also moves days along too quickly. I try to hold my anticipation of future time at arm's length because age has a way of plummeting ahead. 
     Yet, I prefer to look ahead then to wander in the past. The past may be quicksand.
      Don't we all balance on a seesaw?



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