Monday, May 01, 2017

Uzzen Sheerah

                           His daughter Sheerah, who built both
Lower & Upper Beth-horon and Uzzen Sheerah

                                 I Chronicles 7:24

  Not enough, just one line—
           I want to clothe Sheerah
           in a story
           give her a face
I want to hear her words.
I want to know the shape of—
the breath of
this place on the map.
I want to walk
the zigzag of roads—
I want to look hard
at materials she used
test their malleability
their strength
                       I mean to ask
                       if she dreamt of settlements,
                       of thresholds—
                       instead I read the line again
                       and again, until I feel at home
                       in Uzzen Sheerah
                       Magic of names—
                                   Uzzen Sheerah
                                   Uzzen Sheerah


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