Thursday, May 04, 2017

Name the ..

     We have our National Spelling Bee and Israel has the Internatinal Bible Contest. " ...which takes place in Jerusalem and is broadcast live across the country." The tournament always takes place on Israel's Independence Day.
     Students from around the world participate in a display of Torah  knowledge and Torah trivia. It's rare for anyone outside of Israel to win-- but it has happened. Three Americans won the top prize--of course this is over a fifty year period.
     You need a photographic memory and the ability to recall the most obtuse details.
     The first American to win--Liora Reich in 1973.
     Who was the first female to win? Yes, it's a coed quiz.
     On May 2, 2017 teenagers from thirty countries participated. In a surprising turn of events --An Israeli secular student won. When interviewed after his win he stated that he studied twelve hours a day for two months. During that time he did not attend school. 
     Day after day study is not unlike some Spelling Bee winners who spent a year studying for the spelling bee.


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