Tuesday, May 16, 2017


I usually don't write about politics on this blog, but there are exceptions. Why aren't decent politicians, of all stripes, alarmed by a president who considers being able to boast about what he knows gratifying-- irrespective if it is privileged information. And the boasting results in passing this information on to another country. How can any country or its leaders trust us with sensitive material?

I can't believe that all Republicans are cowered by this man. What happened to honesty and morality?I listened to politicians blatantly lie to back up the president's lies.

Each incident is more unbelievable and yet it passes and we move on. When will the congress wake up and accept the fact that the man who sits in the White House plays with fire-- every day.

Listening to the news is an exercise in frustration, disappointment, and fear. Fear of where we are heading, fear for people in the path of unbridled cruelty, fear for minorities, fear for what we are beginning to look and sound like, and fear for the relentless disregard for truth telling.


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