Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Sketch

     It was too cold to sit on a low stool and sketch the old railroad depot in Littleton so I parked my car in front of a Wine store and faced the depot, took out a pen and started to draw the roof line, contour  building lines, a brick chimney, windows, and countless wood boxes, pieces of plywood, tires, metal pieces, several garbage covers and a rusty stove all stacked in front of the depot, as well as a trailer parked to the side and then added bricks and lines for the window frames and details as well as the trees behind the station
     A train sounded and sped past the depot and I wondered how many derelict train depots are strewn across the country no longer filled with people waiting to leave for somewhere else or traveling from one place to another and then to return and begin the process again

     How many stories were left in the waiting room


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