Tuesday, May 09, 2017

A Possible Blast from the Past

     A list appeared on my Facebook page-- do you know any of these people? Usually the list includes a number of people I know and some who are strangers. This time I recognized someone I once hiked with, taught with, and received phone calls from at outlandish hours. If this was indeed the same person then a small hand blown glass vase, all of three inches high, was purchased during an excursion to a store in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. That vase sits on a bookcase. 
     If this is the same person then she had a Persian saddle in her living room and a miniature Persian painting hanging in the living room. 
     If this is the same person we hiked alongside the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. 
     If this is the same person she hates spiders. 
     If this is the same person she once phoned me at 2:00 am to discuss cows-- a continuation of an earlier conversation.

     So I sent a request to friend her. Now I do hope it's the same person. 


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