Thursday, April 06, 2017

The Third Floor Stacks

Overhead lights buzz
on the third floor of the library
I walk up and down the aisles
Outside rain and a dark sky
contrast with the warmth inside
I pick up Gertrude Stein and read,
"How do they occupy a room. In a way."
In another aisle A title catches my eye,
Girl From Fitchburg,
I went to a museum there,
but I can't recall what I viewed
I open the book and read,
" There are tricks for reliving the past."
as if the author read my mind
Halfway up and in the middle of a shelf
A Heinrich Boll book, Irish Journal
It seems so alien to his other work
He writes, " When God made time," the Irish say,
" He made plenty of it."
Is a walk up and down the third floor aisles
of the library a good use of time?
The title Unruly Places captures my attention
What places do I know that are unruly,
restive, boisterous, robust
Perhaps the closed library stacks

April PAD challenge
Write a poem that incorporates a sound


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