Saturday, April 01, 2017

The Forward Pronounced Ferwerts

I walked to the candy store
to buy the Jewish Daily Forward
for my grandmother to read
with her afternoon glass of tea
The Yiddish script danced
on the page until Yette spoke
to me of trade unions, of socialism
and men looking for wives and
women wanting husbands
She read articles about
working conditions,
Workman's Circle lectures,
and where to learn English
My grandmother cut out serialized
stories by Isaac Bashevis Singer--
collecting parts in a wood box
until she could read the short story
from the first word to the last period
Sometimes she asked me
if I wanted to hear the story
and then in English and Yiddish
I heard a short short version
and even when I lost the thread
I loved listening

April Poem a Day Challenge
Write a reminiscing poem.


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