Sunday, April 23, 2017

Last Palimpsest

I followed all the directions
First I blotted the paper with purple--
the color of twelve tulips we planted
just before winter set in
Then I crumbled the paper
until it fit into my palm
Then I opened it, smoothing
lines until they resembled
the veins of a leaf
By brushing my thumb across
a toothbrush filled with sap
green paint I splattered
a random pattern the way
time sometimes moves
I dipped a toothpick in lemon
yellow and poked dots in circles
creating a galaxy of color
I splashed those tender fibers
with water and watched
colors bleed beyond the edges
Still following directions
I tossed it in the air,
burned the corners
tore a hole in the center
until it resembled a page
from an ancient manuscript
ready to be deciphered
and recovered

April PAD Challenge
Fill in the blank. "Last____"


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