Saturday, March 18, 2017

Time to Look in the Mirror

I'm watching the NCAA basketball March Madness tournament-- silently in the background. Save for particular schools, I select who will win and who will lose by geography, uniform colors, and nicknames. It's the identical system I use when at the racetrack-- which isn't often. And I also favor the underdog. Since employing this method my success rate has been minimal, but it hasn't dampened my enthusiasm nor convinced me to alter my approach.

Which brings me to the followers of Trump-- will they continue to follow him or are we seeing some cracks? Maybe they like his long necktie or is it his ability to tell fantastic lies or fables. No, maybe they believe that Meals on Wheels contributes to obesity and a sedentary lifestyle-- which in turn forces people to need more medical interventions.

I'm willing to acknowledge that my system for picking winners is flawed and if I bet money I'd be assured of losing. How long will it take for the Trump followers to understand that no one is looking after their needs-- unless they are a fat cat or someone who needs to upgrade their opulent lifestyle-- no one in power is listening.

In fairness, I did see a photo of a man who voted for Trump holding a sign: I made a mistake.


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