Monday, March 20, 2017

Lawd, Please Listen

Oh Lawd
I like the way the blues
sings in the sound
May I borrow it for now
Well Lawd
I got some complaining
I sat too long trying to get strong
and now I got this pain from too much
sitting and waiting for the tiredness to flee
No one said that some days I'd drag
like a heavy sack from place to place
I know I could go to scripture and find
fine words to rest up against
but I just want to rant a bit
and let you know that
I'm waiting on you
to take this leg pain and smooth it away
I believe and that's that


Anonymous Anonymous said...

loved this one, Linda! Could feel that weight on your shoulders and the slow down and the aches and pains . . . and all of it! Well done!


March 21, 2017  

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