Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Be Prepared

Toothbrush holder
Glasses case
Just a little list
My mantra

I know how to make out a list
for Maine
    Walking poles
    Hiking boots
    A pack
    Shorts, Jeans, Tee Shirts
I know exactly what to bring
to a morning at the library
     IPad for writing
     Notebook for jotting
     Pens, Highlighter,
     Library Card
     Hidden energy bar
     Eight ounce bottle of water

A sketching list
     Small watercolour notebook
     Permanent ink markers
     Small watercolour set
     Small container for water
     Some paper towels folded and refolded

But what does someone bring for
a hospital stay
Will I want to read a tome? Probably not.
Perhaps some poetry? Too heady.
Perhaps some magazines?
A Bible or has Gideon infiltrated hospitals?

Will I want to write? Possibly
Will I draw? Probably not



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