Thursday, March 16, 2017

After Hearing of the Proposed Budget Cuts

Pardon me, you can't learn
 if you come to school hungry
Pardon me, elderly people who rely
on Meals on Wheels need those meals
Pardon me, poetry, music, art, literature
are the cement of civilization--
Pardon me, why does the budget seem punitive
Pardon me, do you have something
against clean water
Pardon me, why are the wealthiest
 individuals getting tax breaks
Please explain why your budget sits
squarely on the backs of the poor,
the middle class, the sick, the disabled,
those who rely on public education
I have a few questions for you
Why do you need
so many gold trappings in your homes
Why do you need so many rooms
Why does your child need his own floor
Pardon me,
I am frightened for those without
I am ashamed
of this path


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