Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Thursday's Forecast

It begins when a forecast of ten inches of snow sends droves of us to the grocery store to stock up lest we starve, can't get out or are marooned in the house for days--a primal urge to gather food prods us to act. Bread and water disappear from the shelves. Gallons of milk find their way into grocery carts alongside snacks lest we lose electricity and need comfort food. And every cart must contain the what if food. Suppose the snow drags down the electrical wires for days? Better select cans of tuna, extra peanut butter, extra batteries. The list grows as the forecasters, dismayed with the meager amount of snow last winter and thus far this winter, rev up and promise to be there all day and night keeping you posted. "We will be here throughout the day."

The snow is coming on Thursday so that will give the maddening hoards time tomorrow to gather and store.

Of course the snow line may move a bit to one side or to the other which will alter all the early predictions.

And of course you must remember to charge up all your devices lest you lose contact with the outside world.

An aside: April 14-15, 1921 Silver Lake, Colorado experienced an eighty-seven inch snowfall.


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