Saturday, February 11, 2017


the magician found three dimes, one quarter, and a multi-colored scarf behind the ear of a man who never suspected that he harbored those treasures for he accepted himself as ordinary

that same magician found a pigeon nesting on the hat of a woman who screamed when she realized that a pigeon was disturbing the decorative cluster of flowers attached to her hat

this same magician swallowed a saber, a flaming torch, and a rotund man's large tub of popcorn

with all those qualifications i asked the man of magic if he could stop time

the magician pondered, scratched his head, consulted a document written on papyrus, cleared his throat and said,  " magic is only adroit words and actions, and your desire to believe."

he then opened his mouth,  pulled out a parasol, opened it, and exited the stage


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