Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Culinary Flight

     Who cooked and ate an omelette
      midway across Niagara Falls?
              Paul Muldoon

Who savored the softest red roast
beef in a restaurant in Colorado?
Did we count the vegetables
in the nine veggie salad in a cafe
in Torrey, Utah? Or did we eye
the book shelves looking for authentic
western stories? Is that the place I
bought a leather journal cover?
Who cooked a slab of bacon on a
camp stove on the Long Trail?
That's where three of us slept under
a horsehair blanket in a lean to
and woke up smelling coffee.
Who used a copper jello mold to construct
a July 4th lobster in red, white, and blue?
Who climbed a hill to collect blueberries
in tin cans and who planted strawberries
enjoyed by a family of rabbits?
Who ate Zwieback on the deck of a Greek
ship heading toward Europe?
Who broke a matzoh ,wrapped one half
and hid the afikomon in the hall closet?
Who took the communion kit to the nursing
home and shared the wafer and
juice with a woman who once lived in the Bronx?
Who eats a falafel pita across from a man
who wears a kuppah and tzitzits to remind
himself of the Lord's commandments?
And who uses a nut cracker to break
the lobster shell and dig out the meat?
Who mixes meat and milk, but doesn't
eat a yolk with a blood spot?
Who selects a rice cracker to dip
in grape juice?
Who fills the ark with quail's eggs, poultry
shears, a quill, and a sheaf of papers?


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