Saturday, January 21, 2017

Boston Women's March

People crammed together
on subway platforms
wait for a train

They stream out of Park Street station
and enter Boston Common with their
pink hats, signs, plastic bags, pockets
stuffed with water bottles, energy bars,
and whatever else satisfies
Hand Painted signs dot the landscape
Love over Hate,
A Women's Place is in the Resistance
My Vagina My Choice
Mom He's That Bad
Same Shit Different Century
Two gay guys carry small Pride flags
I tap one on the shoulder,
"Do you have an extra flag?"
and he digs into a pocket
We exchange thumbs up
Marty Walsh revs up the crowd
and we hoot, applaud, stamp our feet
Speaker after speaker
Senator Warren excites thousands
with promises of fighting for everyone
Maura Healey says, "We'll see you in court."
and even the trees shake with
the sounds of the crowd
It takes over ninety minutes
for the crowd
to leave the commons
to join the throngs outside
to march
to have a say

On the train back
I talk to a woman
who grew up in Manhattan
and we remember the rush hour,
a woman joins in and tells us how
the Japanese have subway pushers
who corral riders into full cars
Two other women
who have just met
speak about funding cuts

And women marched
across this country
across the ocean
A pink hat revolution


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