Saturday, January 07, 2017

Another Slant

Some memories cling to you and form an intimacy that doesn't alter with age or time nor wilt yet the same event may interpret itself differently over time and when the slant differs the memory will occupy an unexpected position which is how i view the first year i read the bible from in the beginning to the book of revelation which I didn't finish that year which is a pattern i have of reading an entire series and not reading the last book as if by stopping before the end i hold up time which isn't true because i know that time refuses to be cajoled into stopping for even a brief moment but that year reading the bible began when i moved into a new neighborhood and received an invitation to a morning bible study which was possible since i stayed home for several years with two small children and since i wanted to meet people i said thank you and read the passages in matthew so I'd be prepared but i wasn't ready for the silver tea set and the set interpretation that brooked no movement from the set reading and when they didn't wish to hear my questioning the word virgin which sometimes was interpreted as maiden i thought that it wasn't the group for me but then my next doors neighbor suggested or dared me to read the bible as if i was reading a novel and see what i thought when i reached the end and as an additional carrot we could meet and openly discuss each book which sounded like a good invite and a way to meet friends and as the months moved on she encouraged me to accept jesus as my savior "just step out on faith," she said "and you'll find a solid rock" which i held up doing because i wanted a sign a gilt invitation that assured me i was on the right path so I kept reading and we prayed together in her house and my house and when hiking the black locust trail at gambrill state park or at cumberland falls we prayed to follow jesus and for me to accept jesus which i finally did when i knew that the friendship rested on that but it took years for me to catch up to that day and how i see that day depends upon a shrouded memory and i always stop at the book of revelation


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