Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A to Z

it looks as if we're heading for a tumultuous time and sending letters to representatives, marching, making phone calls while helping get our concerns out there does not alleviate the deep seated fear of where we are heading thus other ways of dealing with the situation is necessary and those are of an individual nature and mine is falling back on the alphabet which was the first thing you learned as either a sing song rhythm or magnetic letters on the fridge and then in a more studied fashion they were taught in school so taking that as my first step i decided to read through the alphabet but not necessarily in a A to Z order as long as by the end of the year i had read an author for each letter

i surrounded this with additional parameters which make the search for authors more intriguing which translates to my not selecting any author prior to arriving at the shelf assigned to a particular letter and at that point arbitrarily taking a book off the shelf and looking through the first few pages before deciding to either accept or reject the book based on this brief encounter

after spending thirty minutes at the library i made several discoveries regarding the selection process

given the height of the top shelf and my short stature i automatically eliminated the top shelf and then because the lower shelf required me to either bend in half or sit on the floor i neglected the lowest shelf which left me every shelf in the middle where i hoped to find books written by unfamiliar authors where i did find two books but not on the A shelf but on the B shelf and i am about to embark with the author juliana buhring on a solo bicycle trip around the world in 152 days and over 18,000 miles


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