Monday, January 02, 2017

A Story of Clothes

My mother created my skirt pattern
on brown wrapping  paper,
copying the original in every detail
She pinned the cut-out pieces to
plaid material and cut out each shape

              Joseph's father made him
              a robe with sleeves

The plaid pattern moved seamlessly,
each line edged against another
line as if they were one

                So when Joseph came to his
                brothers they stripped him of his robe,
                the long robe with sleeves

My mother used a thimble, a sewing
box filled with spools of color, a red  pin cushion,
and needles with large and small sized eyes

                 Then Pharaoh sent for Joseph,
                 and he hurriedly brought him out
                 of the dungeon...Joseph shaved himself
                 and changed his clothes

My mother held four or five pins
between her lips and removed them
one by one when she hemmed my skirt

                 Removing his signet ring from his hand,
                 Pharaoh put it on Joseph's hand, he arrayed
                 him in garments of fine linen, and put
                 a gold chain around his neck

( Genesis 37:3, , Genesis 37:23,  Genesis 41:14, Genesis 41:42)


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