Wednesday, December 14, 2016

To Believe

When she read about the anti-aging cream and the gaggle of celebrities who attest to its miraculous attributes-- wrinkles gone, sagging skin firmed, crow lines gone, and soft and supple skin she wondered if this was hyperbolic language--or a miraculous cure.

After all she saw the crutches left at the entrance to El Santuario de Chimayo--an indication of the lame being healed. And she lived in the Bronx --the same borough where Joey Vitolo had a divine sighting of The Blessed Virgin Mary in an empty lot.

Maybe the people who came to pray selected the name or a newspaper writer chose to call the place the Queen of the Universe Shrine at 3091 Grand Concourse.

The sighting happened October 29, 1945 and on October 29th the faithful show up to celebrate mass.

She wonders if those using the anti-aging cream genuflect.


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