Sunday, December 11, 2016

Standing With Our Neighbors

From a guest blogger—after an uplifting gathering

December 11, 2016

Standing with Our Neighbors

Hundreds of people from Wayland and the surrounding towns, gathered today under the bluest of winter sky, the sun warming our bodies and our hearts,broken by the vilest of threats against our Muslim community.

Then a moment of illumination: A lovely young woman reaches out her hand to me and says simply, “Thank you for being here.” Spontaneously, we both reach to embrace. She tells me that she has been crying all morning.

Hours later, I am still deeply touched by the outstretched hand. Suddenly I realize that she was not crying about the letter overflowing with hate that had been sent to her mosque.She is crying because hundreds of strangers have come to stand with her as neighbors. She has blessed me.

Shalom. Salaam. Peace.

Louise Higginbotham


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