Sunday, December 25, 2016

Six Lines

I did it, albeit unconsciously. Back in April I purchased a small five year diary--six lines a day. There's no space for philosophical musings, or even truncated opinions. It's what happened on that day-- a boring account of comings and goings.

 I started to write down Legal Seafood for Christmas dinner with friends and after I had penned the first sentence I noticed that the day at the top of the 3"x5" diary was incorrect. I had gained a day.

Ten minutes later I discovered my error. A day in early December I erred and instead of sticking with the facts of the day--my comings and goings with an occasional short delectable thrown in after an incredible culinary delight.

My loquacious side kicked in when I wrote about the hate mail and graffiti that appears more pronounced after the election. As soon as I penned the sentence " Hate as been legitimized as acceptable. Permission has been granted..." I was off and running. Without stopping after six lines I continued from a Sunday through Monday without even being aware of the constriction. I battered right across the barrier.

Its amended. Sat and Sunday share six lines and white out corrected the sentence. ( It's crowded and I wrote on the sides of the lines)  

Back on track. Just the day--event after event.

Tread mill. Listened to a podcast interview with Eugene Robertson. Just the facts.


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