Friday, December 02, 2016

Police Logs in the Local Paper

I discover the underbelly of my community and the adjacent town.

Twice last week a noisy rooster woke one neighbor at 6:43 on Friday and then again at 6:48 on Sunday. Now if the rooster had chosen varying times I'd say there was a problem, but this particular rooster appears to be in synch with his nature. The rooster's owner explained that the rooster was new to her home and had a special purpose. She didn't disclose the purpose, nor how long the rooster might reside in its present domicile. Not offering any information about the special purpose allows me to create my own scenarios.

A possibly sick fox in the middle of the street brought out the Animal Control people who arrived after the possibly ill fellow left the premises. No forwarding address.

Loose alpacas were reported walking across the roadway near the town line. Animal Control arrived in time to herd the alpacas to the side of the road. In time the owners, who had been looking for their alpacas, arrived and took everyone home. Actually they didn't take the Animal Control officers home because they needed to be alert for other animal incidents. The alpacas enjoyed their jaunt and took to the byways again later that afternoon. Despite a report of a call to Animal Control we don't know when and if the alpacas went home. I expect they did because the cost of alpacas ranges from $2,500-$10,000. Again, a mystery. Was someone luring the animals away from their home with an eye to kidnapping and selling the alpacas? I hope they took into account the yearly cost for feed and medical necessities.

One caller reported a hawk incident. The poor bird flew into her window "and was laying on the ground." Animal Control was notified. Again, no follow up. We'll never know if the hawk survived.

And the report ended with this clip: "Police checking on a suspicious vehicle ...advised the parties in the vehicle to continue their adult activities in a more private location.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hilarious, Linda. Loved this and needed the chuckles! The absurdity of suburban concerns - or as my daughter calls them, BAPS (Big American Problems)


December 02, 2016  

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