Friday, December 30, 2016

It Isn't Important

     at the door
     the lawn
     to the road
             Louis Zukofsky

the ice
against our
not deterring
the electrician
who said i don't
know why the red light
stays on
but try turning off
the circuit breaker
waiting a minute
then turn it on again
and we did and the
light went out
sometimes knowing
the why isn't

at the door to
the store the ice
made walking
an experiment
in staying upright
and we bought
a small smart

tonight we pitted
our minds against
the smart machine
and for a long time
we felt confused,
baffled and at a loss
and then after
telling us we weren't
connected not once
but time after time
we were congratulated
because it had happened
we coupled with the
smart television
It happened
and the how
Isn't important


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