Thursday, December 01, 2016


i purchased an interweave Bible with blank pages strewn throughout the text ready for words or illustrations or both so the question becomes one of do i illustrate the words chronologically or do i skip around or do i jump from old to new now that i've learned how to page-prep my thin Bible paper not the way i gessoed a board years ago to create a religious poster for a woman who ordered one after she saw a poster I had created and called me and came over to talk about what she wanted which was a board four feet high and two feet wide depicting the horrors of eternal damnation which was a far cry from the one she had seen which was pastoral and filled with words of joy but i told myself that when a customer orders a made to order poster then unless it was immoral just create it since they were paying so i took notes and promised the board in two week's time but something happened to my resolve when I began to create what she wanted and i finally gave up and called her and said it wasn't working out because it was beyond my technical skills which wasn't a lie because i couldn't figure out how to depict a Dante type of damnation so we agreed to abandon the plan as long as i didn't charge her for the board


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