Monday, October 10, 2016

Walking Early on a Monday Morning

A riff after hearing Holly Near sing a song usually sung by Cheryl Wheeler—subject is different, but the form is similar 

What is there about walking around Walden Pond—silently

Could be the way the water moves across the pond
Maybe it's the swimmers on a cold autumn day
Could be the cairns built on the edge of the pond
Maybe it's the red foliage 
Could  be the reflections in the water
Maybe it's the half submerged branch
Could be the sand beach
or the children with pails at the water's edge
or the fisherman with three poles simply waiting
Maybe it's the two ducks at one end of the pond
or the sound of the wind weaving a path through leaves
or a bird sound you can't identify
Maybe it's the sound of your sneakers
 on the hard packed sand
Could be the way you relax into the day
and wear the goodness like a shawl


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