Monday, October 17, 2016

Too Much

As the days get closer to the election I find myself wondering if we are caught in the middle of a reality show, a made for day time television soap opera, a middle school student's homework assignment, an R rated video game, or a bad dream.

I keep thinking that a large blackboard eraser, or a delete button, or a sopping wet paper towel, or even a gum eraser might wipe away the vivid picture projecting across the air waves.

Then a cold wind returns me to the present and I confront the reality that is our presidential election. So many untruths fly around sticking to those who collect them like glue on stars, or stickers to put in scrapbooks. I see tee shirts with graffiti stitched across chests that include all the words that once earned a reprimand or a lecture about civility or a time out in your room.

Newspapers use psychiatric terms. Talk show hosts speak to the gurus-- psychologists-- to explain the cluster of behaviors.

These are frightening days. Just reflect on history.


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