Saturday, October 22, 2016


Today is National Nut Day and National Color Day. Preceded by National Pumpkin-Cheese Day and National Reptile Awareness Day. Tomorrow we will celebrate National Boston Cream-Pie Day and National Mole Day.

'Tis heady to contemplate so many celebrations. Nota bene.

I will celebrate with two pecans from a small stash in the refrigerator. Then I'll wield a paintbrush dipped in fuchsia across my wet watercolor paper and watch the paint spread.

I will celebrate the previous day's holidays by sacrificing the pumpkin on my steps to my culinary wizardry. I 'd like to say that I'd cozy up to a reptile, but my familiarity will remain on a bookish level. It will be a scholarly observance.

As for tomorrow--I will attempt to write a history of the regal Boston Cream Pie. I shall ignore the mole.


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