Monday, October 31, 2016


We've handed out ninety pieces of candy to Darth Vaders, Princesss, one marshmallow, pirates, assorted television characters, and skeletons. Years ago many boys were hobos—that's no longer in vogue. I guess everyone wants to be upward mobile and the romanticism of a hobo traveling on a boxcar, cooking on an open pit, sleeping under the stars, and singing folk songs is of a different era.

It belongs to the era of avocado refrigerators, orange and green couches,T.V. Dinners, and unions fighting for higher wages.

This year I didn't see one ballerina. The marshmallow wanted me to guess what he was and my only thought was a paper towel roll which I didn't say because I knew that wasn't the right answer.

Everyone said thank you and parents beamed and another rite of passage was performed.


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